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Non Disclosure / NDA
Our agreement with our Vendor client/s / seller/s requires that we obtain a confidentiality undertaking before disclosing the name, location or any other sensitive information of their business or businesses or investment opportunities, hereinafter referred to as "business".
This information will be kept confidential. In consideration of Cape Business Bureau providing me / us with the information on the business, I / we understand and agree to the terms contained herein.
The undersigned, (“the Client”) hereby acknowledges that the information and documentation provided by Cape Business Bureau, business brokers of Western Cape, in respect of any business in which the signatory hereto expresses interest, is and shall remain strictly confidential.
The client:
agrees not to contact the owner, employees or suppliers or disturb any business relationship of the seller(s) or make independent inquiries on the subject business(s) without obtaining the permission of Cape Business Bureau;
specifically undertakes not to disclose such information and documentation to any person without the express written permission of  Cape Business Bureau; However this does not preclude the Client from obtaining advice from his professional or financial consultants and making the information available to them for such purpose;
hereby further agrees not to use any information in an adverse manner, or to enter in competition with the seller and to return all information obtained about the seller and or the subject business to Cape Business Bureau immediately upon request or if no sale eventuates.

The Client acknowledges that the information and documentation is in all respects confidential in nature (other than information which is in the public domain through other means) and that any injudicious use or disclosure of same by the Client may cause serious harm or damage to the owners of the business or Cape Business Bureau and that such unauthorised use or disclosure could lead to the liability of the Client to substantial damages in law.

The Client equally acknowledges that the information and documentation furnished is based on that supplied by the Vendor client of Cape Business Bureau and the latter accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the financial information. Neither Cape Business Bureau nor their consultants nor employees accept any responsibility on any ground whatsoever. Intending purchasers are therefore advised to conduct their own due diligence investigation into the business and its affairs.

The Client acknowledges that he/she understands this undertaking, has voluntarily agreed to it and is bound by its provisions, which are reasonable and necessary.